Let’s Get Running Podcast


Episode 70 - Finding Flow - Verity Ockenden

On this week's show- the last of 2018, we take to a key member of the Great Britain Cross Country Team, Verity Ockenden. We talk about her success this year, finishing 2nd at the British Championship in Liverpool, and making a real mark on the cross country circuit. We discuss her training regime, the coaches that have helped her on her running journey and her hopes for 2019. Shaun and Jermaine discuss flow, or finding the zone- the elusive state all runners seek. We also chat clothes lines, lack of sleep and Christmas dinner at the May's house.


Episode 69 - Injury Corner - Achilles Tendinopathy

On this week's show we celebrate the arrival of Shaun's little baby, lament the disappearance of Jermaine's voice, and talk Euro Cross face plants! We also focus on Achilles tendinopathy- talking to Noel Thatcher about how we can manage the injury.


Episode 68 - Variety - Conor Hancock

This week we talk variety with OCR world medallist, Conor Hancock. We discuss how Conor has kept his training and racing varied and what key skills are required for the challenge of obstacle racing. We also discuss Shaun's gammy hips and Jermaine's blowing into a tube.


Episode 67 - Runners Knee - Scott Newton

On this week's show we speak to top running physio, Scott Newton. We discuss Runners Knee- what it is, how to avoid it, and what you can do to treat the problem. We also discuss road rage fights, causes of mistaken identity, and Shaun's parenting expectations.


Episode 66 - How do you define yourself- Kilian Jornet

This week we speak to world champion ultrarunner and skimountaineer, Kilian Jornet. We discuss how and why he attempts these feats, the fastest known times for ascent and descent of of the Matterhorn, Mont Blanc, Denali, and Mount Everest, and what goes through his mind in times of adversity.

We discuss his attributes- how is he able to recover so quickly from challenging events and races, and how he learns about physiology of athletes in an effort to improve his performance.


Episode 65 - Plantar Fasciitis / Tendinopathy - Noel Thatcher

On this week's show we discuss our next challenge- what event we will aim for and how you can get involved. We want your suggestions on Twitter. We also start a new feature 'injury corner', with a fortnightly focus on a running specific injury and how we can avoid it. This week Noel Thatcher talks to us about Plantar Fasciitis...or should we say Plantar Tendinopathy. 


Episode 64 - #trainbrave - Tom Fairbrother

On this week's show we talk to Tom Fairbrother. Tom is a marathon runner, iron-distance triathlete, and former eating disorder sufferer. Tom was encouraged by a coach to lose weight in order to enhance his performances, which triggered a two-year struggle with bulimia and binge eating disorder. Alongside dietitian, Renee McGregor, he has founded campaign #trainbrave; a campaign aims to inspire more athletes to share their stories and raise awareness of the risks of eating disorders and RED-s.


Episode 63 - Project 220 - The Finale

On this week's show we discuss Shaun's attempt to run the Frankfurt Marathon and break 2 hours 20mins....it didn't go to plan! We'll discuss how the race played out and what Shaun learnt from the experience. We also discuss mid race accidents, and Shaun's gag reflex.


Episode 62 - The Love Show - Joe Dale

This week's show is all about making connections. We speak to Love Track London co-founder Joe Dale about the running-speed dating evenings they run. We also discuss how Shaun and Jermaine managed to convince their partners to put up with them, running pick-up lines, and rigging competitions. We also honour listener Finn for his 'bus driver - Let's Get Running tshirt' photo. 


Episode 61 - Project 220

On this week's show we discuss Shaun's training for the Frankfurt Marathon. With 2 weeks to go it's crunch time- we talk about the final hard session, the impact of drinking a Ketone ester, and what the next 14 days 'should' look like. The Caramel kid (aka Poor Mans Usain Bolt) gives his tips for remaining 'crocodile' in the final week