Let’s Get Running Podcast


Episode 60 - Goal Setting - Emma Pallant

On this week's episode we talk to triathlete, Emma Pallant. We discuss her plans for Ironman Kona, how and why she moved from running to triathlon and how she is learning her way in the sport. We also discuss Gym bunnies on buses, tramps enjoying Shaun's pocket money and We-willy winky


Episode 59 - Project 220 - All Bases Covered

On this week's show we talk about Project 2.20, Shaun's mission to run sub 2.20 at the Frankfurt Marathon. We discuss what we have learnt so far- how we could improve the preparation up to now and what we will be focusing on in this final month. We also discuss the Queen's appearance at the live show and what Jesus thought of Ironman Triathlon.


Episode 58 - Coping with Stress - Markus Torgeby

On this week's show we talk to Swedish Runner Markus Torgeby. A talented junior runner in Sweden, Markus was under immense pressure to succeed. It became too much and he decided he needed space; to be on his own. So, he moved into a remote forest in Northern Sweden- living for 4 years in a tipi. He documents this story in the his book- we caught up with him about the experience.


Episode 57 - Project 220 - Running Nutrition - Renee McGregor

On this week's show we take a look at how Shaun's Marathon training is going. We speak to top dietitian, Renee McGregor to see if Shaun could be improving his fuelling and recovery strategies. We discuss how he could structure his eating over the week to prepare more effectively for his 'big sessions' and longer runs.


Episode 56 - Running long - Damian Hall

On this week's podcast we discuss running long with UTMB 5th placer, Damian Hall. We talk about his incredible performance in Chamonix, how he trained and prepared for the race, and how runners can make the transition to ultras. We also discuss podcast beef, bus mishaps and biblical rain.


Episode 55 - How To Run Faster - Marilyn Okoro

On this week's show we talk to 800m speedster, Marilyn Okoro. Marilyn talks about her athletics career; her start in the sport, how her coach tricked her into doing endurance training, and her difficult relationship with UK Athletics Head Coach, Charles Van Commenee. Shaun and Jermaine give their thoughts on speed development and we urge all listeners to tie up their shoes on Jermaine's bus! 


Episode 54 - Project 220 - Mental Approach - Andy Lane

We focus on Shaun's Project 220, bringing in Sports Psychologist and Runner Andy Lane to help Shaun's mental game. We discuss how to approach training and races in the lead up to the major goal race- why goals based on effort and feel are more productive at this point, how you can train the ability to focus, and some tips for managing 'detonation' in races. We also discuss bus theft, high-vis scarecrows and yellow sunvisor induced positivity.


Episode 53 - Time Management for Runners - Beth Dobbin

On this week's episode we talk about time management for runners. How do we fit in the training when time gets tough? We discuss our tips for fitting training into your busy schedule (including buying super strength deodorant), and talk to our new role model, British 200m champion, Beth Dobbin. Beth recently finished 7th at the European Championships and combines her burgeoning athletics career with 4 other jobs; working 7 days a week to keep her ambitions on track. 


Episode 52 - Project 220 - Race Day Nutrition- HVMN

The quest to get Shaun's around the Frankfurt Marathon in under 2hours 20mins continues! We talk about his race win at a wet and windy trail race on Dartmoor, and his lack of recovery since then. We also start thinking about race day nutrition and discuss the ketone drink HVMN with elite rower and Research Lead, Brianna Stubbs. Could it prevent Shaun's dicky belly during the race and propel him under the 2.20 barrier?

We also discuss how you can physically join in with the training...if you live in the London area.


Episode 51 - Drawing Inspiration From Others - Tom Holden

On this week's show we talk to the inspirational Tom Holden. In May 2017 Tom, a GB Junior international athlete, was involved in an accident which caused damage to his brain affecting his movement and speech. Doctors thought it was unlikely Tom would walk again, but incredibly Tom has fought back- and is slowly starting to learn to run again. He speaks about how the love and support shown by his family, friends and fellow runners has kept his going. He still has a long way to go but his positive is infectious.